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Categories: youtreact

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Settlement and Integration Program- a Canadian model of settlement and integration which aims to enable newcomers such as newly arrived immigrants, refugees, new Canadians, and live-in caregivers to adapt, settle and integrate into Canadian society socially, economically as quickly and comfortably as possible. Services include newcomer’s orientation and information, form filling assistance, assisted access to services and social support that focus on cross-cultural interpretation, family adjustment issues, settlement counseling (Guided Pathway), life skills workshops, and community connections that connect newcomers with community events, services, and institutions.

The Settlements Services Program helps newcomers get started in their new surroundings in Ontario and successfully integrate into Canadian Society.

Service Offerings

  • Newcomer Orientation and Information
  • Finding housing
  • Transportation
  • School information for children
  • Tax information and benefits
  • Learning how to find employment
  • Childcare resources and child tax benefits
  • Citizenship and immigration
  • Assistance with form filling, interpretation, or translation of:
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Canada Child Tax Benefits (CCTB)
  • Ontario Housing/Rental Assistance Program
  • Employment Insurance (EI)
  • Childcare subsidy
  • Immigration applications
  • GST/HST Credit application

One of the challenges faced by newcomers is adapting to Canadian culture. Homesickness, coping with a new environment, and dealing with community members from different ethnicities is just some of the hurdles new immigrants face as they adjust to their new life in Canada. YRYO Newcomer Resources provides support services to clients such as:

  • Cross-cultural orientation
  • Family adjustment issues
  • Significant life changes
  • Life Skills Workshops

Be armed with the basic tools and help ease your adjustment into the community. The YRO Newcomer Life Skills Workshops provide information that eases the integration of newcomers. Workshop topics include:

  • Community resources
  • Employment Standards and Labour Code
  • Immigration process and options
  • Legal rights
  • Parenting
  • Values and self-esteem
  • English communication skills
  • Basic computer courses
  • Preparing for citizenship

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