Markham Saturday School Outreach

MSSO was first piloted in the summer of 2012 with five schools in Markham South and had over 400 participating children (age 5 to 9) and youth (10 to 14). The MSSO project provides four options for enrolment: Sports Ball, Tuition, Recreational Yoga, and Mega Arts. Children and youth can choose to participate in a combination of two options or just once in the morning or the afternoon. Sports ball leverages Canada’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) for both age groups by focusing on “FUNdamentals” and “Learning to Train.” A tuition is a tutoring option for children and youth who may need some extra help with some schoolwork or an upcoming test. Recreational Yoga serves as an introductory yoga class and is taught by a trained and certified instructor. Lastly, Mega Arts is an exploratory series of arts & crafts workshops. The following are the schools that will have our Saturday Outreach Program:

  • Armadale P.S
  • Cedarwood P.S
  • Markham Gateway
  • Coppard Glen
  • Ellen Fairclough

If you would like more details about these programs please feel free to surf each program’s details or contact us.